Need to access button thing

I’ve serched a bit around but can’t seem to find an answer.
I have to access/push/click a ‘show all’ button. I guess it’s not really a button, but I don’t know how else to describe it. Then it will show some more text which I need.
When I make my bot and just use the Click funktion, every thing works fine, but I’m looping though a lot of different people, so when I’m doing the same on the next person it gives me a timeout because it cant find the button. When I make the Click funtion I have to do the ‘Indicate on screen’ thing, and I guess it can’t find the screen in the second person, because it’s a new screen.
I hope this makes some kind of sence, cause it’s driving me nuts.
I’ve looked into the selector, but to make another selector that would fit the new screen doesn’t work because I once again have to ‘Indicate on screen’, which I don’t want to do again and again and again. (I have to loop though a ton of people).


Actually it seems like I’m attaching to the wrong browser becuase I’m in a new one each time.
How to I attach to the open browser or by defining the first part of the URL?

Hi Try to find the pattern in the selector .if there is a variable which is changing constantly for example

assign a variable i=0
and pass a url in variable in the following format
url_a = String.Format(“{0}.com”,i)
it will pass the value of i to {0}.keep this in a loop and execute.

Same applies with selector also find a part in selector which is changing and assign the above format. and use accordingly.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try that.
I also just found out about dynamic selectors, and that you can get a Browser object from the ‘open browser’ function and then attach to that object instead og indicate on screen. So I’ll try that as well.