Identify Specific text in the message

Dear Experts
I need to identify below highlighted words in display message, i used TextExist activity with given text, but it not success. Can anyone suggest best solution for this ,…Thanks for helping



For now, can you try to get whole the text using GetText activity?
If you use Modern, also try to change Scraping Method.
If you use Classic, also try GetVisible text or GetFullText.


Thanks Bro.
I have to check possibilities on GetText, then write separate code for identify my Text.
But i have doubt why it doesnt work on TextExist…Anyway thanks again

Hello @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe ,

Can you share the screenshot of the flow which you have created and the selector for this error message.

Its better to scrap the entire texta and check for the text inside it. Suppose if InputString(variable) holds the Error messsage from popuo.

Then InputString.Contains(“resides in stores”)

Thanks Bro. I use textExist and GetText activities, unfortunately there is another barrier
In both activities i select red highlighted message as element. but serial number which underline in blue is vary time to time. then it failed to read in next serial number.
how can i fix this. thanks for support

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

Try to extract the complete text and store it in a string variable and extract the Serial numbers using Substring or regex.


@Dhanushka_Gunasinghe Can you share your selector. The issue might happening since the selector might contains static serial number. Hence the bot for looking for that particular text every time if it doesn’t find then the bot throwing an error. Lets try to implement wild cards for that values which varies every time

Thanks bro. Extracting serial number is not a problem. My task is identify the dynamic error message, in this case serial number of this error message is dynamically change. gettext or textexist activities unable to identify dynamically change element
my element is below

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

Thank you for clarification. Just replace the serial numbers with wildcard * as suggested in earlier post and check it out.


Thanks for reply…I replace * for serial number but validation error occurred

Hi @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe,

Please do replace characters like ’ &#xA’ and ‘&quot’ with “*”.
Also let’s watch out for unwanted spaces!

Hope this helps,
Ashwini Kempraj

Thanks All …* is the solution

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