Identify number of records in dynamic search result screen (desktop application window)




This is a desktop application and the process is like this. I will key in the ISBN and click on the ‘Search’ button. It will return the dynamic search result (may vary from 1 record to many records) where I need to select the record and click on ‘Display’ button to see the details of that record. Depending on the number of records the search result returns, I will need go through every single record to identify which record is the best. After which, I will select the best record and click on the ‘Capture’ button.

I am cracking my head on which activity I should be using to do this process. Any advice is greatly appreciated.




HI @newbie_karen,
you can use find children activity to get the number of records in the Grid or table.



Hi Arivu

Thanks for the information.

I will need to twig the codes as the filter is using java tag instead of TR tag. I am still working on/debugging the logic portion.



Hi Karen,

Your application already tells you the number of records just above the box. You could probably look at using something like a get visible text activity to get that line and then replace everything except numbers to give you a final count. The replace pattern would look something like “[^0-9]”

From that there are several methods for selecting the correct record and all depends on your application really.

hope this helps.


Hi Jake

Thanks for the info.

The ‘Find Children’ activity returns an output of the variable ‘ReturnedChildren’. The value for the variable ‘ReturnedChildren’ is 15.

I did a ‘get text’ activity to identify the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). However, I am only allowed to execute the first instance in the ‘for each’ activity. Below is the screenshot of the workflow. The error encounter when doing a second looping in the ‘for each’ activity is “Click ‘viewport’ : Click generic error.”.


Just to compare the differences, I did a separate desktop recording straight through from record 1 to record 3. I noticed that the UiPath.Core.Activities.Click selector properties had this code (<java role=‘label’ tableCol=‘0’ tableRow=‘1’ />). I am just thinking if it is possible to pass in the tableRow value as this value is a dynamic value (in this case it is the value 1 highlighted in bold).