Click on a button in dynamic results returned in structured data table

Hi, In Google chrome web browser I am trying to click on a button in the search results returned in structured table format. No of rows can change based on search results. Each row contains a button which when clicked will display a popup web screen containing further details. I would like to retrieve the email id from the popup web screen after button is clicked for each row. I tried to search on this topic and have found some details related to using FindChildren element and looping through it. If anyone has a xaml file that will be great or can provide the steps which has worked for them that will be great.

I have found the steps below but I am new to UiPath and I am encountering few challenges. I am trying the steps below…

  1. use find children activity and select the entire table as a target.
  2. change the scope property of find children activity to FIND_DESCENDANTS.
  3. change the Filter property to .
  4. use for each activity to loop through the child elements.
  5. change the typeArgument of for each activity to UiPath.Core.UiElement.
  6. to verify use highlight activity inside the for each loop and change the Selector->target as Item.Selector.toString.
  7. write the logic based on the child element highlighted.
    hope this will helps you…
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I foun d this article which helped me to return all the rows of the Datatable using FindChildren. I am now looking on how to click the button next for each row.

Return All Elements Of A Table Using Find All Children Activity

Hi @Reetu, once you get all the elements of the table, you can loop through each element using for each activity with Uipath.core.uielement as argument type. Inside the for each activity, place click and pass the UiElement (iterative item) as input. You can use UiExplorer to investigate the selector the of button and match it with button you want to click on. If you need more help, please share the website you are trying to access (if it is allowed to).

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Thank you Deebiga, it worked.

@Reetu You are welcome. Please close the topic by marking the solution

Hello Deebiga I have marked the solution, Not sure if that closes the topic or I need to select some option. I did not see an option to close the topic, thanks.

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