Identify Error Message box

Dear Friends. I am facing an issue in UI path automation to identify error message box.
I need to check whether below message box appear and base on that make decision using if condition. How can i success this issue. Thanks for your valuable guidance

HI @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

You can try with Element Exist Activity

Indicate this popup in that activity

Store it in the variable → ElementInvalidPopup

Use If condition




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There are multiple things to consider here

This popup might come at multiple places when you are filling each line with serial number

So use a PARALLEL ACTIVITY and inside that
In left side keep all the activities you want to perform like typing serial number in each line or so

Then in right side of parallel activity use a sequence block where have a element exists activity and check for this popup
Get the output as bool_exists

Inside the same sequence use a if activity and mention the condition as
bool_exists = True

If true it will go to then block where use a click activity to click that on button

For more details on parallel activity

Cheers @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

@Dhanushka_Gunasinghe can you share the selector for this element

Dear Friends
I used element is exist and image exist activity. Both seems works. But new issue is it get huge amount of time to go through the if condition and response result( is exist error message or not). This is my workflow. Please kindly check what happen

Hi friend
this is selector


Thanks for reply friend. Pop up appears one by one. it means once per one serial

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Fine then you don’t need or parallel
If it’s evident that it appears for all line item for sure then you can ELEMENT EXISTS for one time in the sequence where you enter the serial number

That is use element exists in that deigned itself then and not in parallel activity

Get the Boolean output and check whether it is true or false and if true goes to then block where use a click activity to click that ok button

Cheers @Dhanushka_Gunasinghe

In this case You should declarer the TimeOutMS → 3000 (3 sec)


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That Great Brother. Works fine for me…Thanks a lot

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