Ideas for new reusable components

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Can anyone help me in giving ideas for creating basic RC components for a project. as we already have few RC components like datatable,mail etc

This can go long actually…

but to get started, you can have libraries created for the components you need to reuse. Make sure to standardize them(best practices) and check the scope of it before considering anything for reusable components ( just see where all it can be used)

Alternatively create templates for workflow that can be potentially reused.

Also, confused a bit you said you have data table and mail as reusable components? What does that mean exactly? Is that the workflow you are referring to?

creating Library compponent and publishing to orchestrator is a commonly used approach for reusable components

below was one video in which @Parth_Doshi and I discussed over this topic. you may have a look, it might help:
Importance of Reusability - Parth

below video shows how to create Library component:

Resuable Components - Parth


Hi Rahul,

thanks for the response.

data table and mail is nugget package which we created and published for our own use. here in this datatable and mail activity we have own customized options
For ex: converting particular column to string

so my question is what are the basic RC components you will be required for an project?

i’ll go through your reference and let you know. :slight_smile:

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this question will be answered by you only after few days of getting into the project or domain and once you start understanding the use cases that are considered for automation in your team

That depends on the domain, project flows and many other factors

If there is a common login page that can be converted to RC
if the need is to convert the files from one format to another, that can be done using RC
if the output report should be password protected, that can be done using RC
the basic health check of VMs and Website to validate their accessibility can be done by using a RC

there are many components but not all will be required on your project
so the approach should be to understand the domain and the recurring needs in upcoming processes. This will come as you get into the project and domain


Thank you rahul :slight_smile:

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