Inventory component

what is inventory component that is reusable in all the automations

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Sorry @prathik_8679 could you please explain a bit more…


for sample code smartsheet reading we need to create inventory component that would be reusable in all the automations

Hi @prathik_8679,

Please rephrase your question.

  1. What are you trying to do?

  2. What your inputs are and what your outputs are (format, type etc.,)

  3. What do you mean by inventory component?

Without a clear question you cannot get a good answer in this forum.

Hi @prathik_8679 ,

Do you want to Create Libraries ? We make use of this for Creating Reusable Components.

Take a Look at the below :

i want to work on uipath.smartsheet.activities but from manages packs it is not getting installed

That does not help much.

What are you trying?
What was the error you got?
What other things have you tried?
What you want to achieve?

i wil have a clear idea on project and will let u know

Forum members volunteer to answer questions and if the questions are not clear, it can take a long time before your query is resolved. That is why the above questions are important.

With limited details we cannot offer you a solution.

okay further if any questions are their i will ask the question in a clear way.

Can you share a screenshot of what error you get?

okay within few min in can share bcoz my office device does not have any sharing options