Ideas for automation to update a web application

Hello, we currently have a need for a bot to update a web application.
The problem: Users are not updating a particular web-based application with course titles.
We think it is because a) people don’t have time to update the application,then search for missing courses and add their data one by one. The web application has existing string fields that they have to search for and then select each one and set the criteria “started” or “completed” Then save in the system. Tedious process.
The solution: A bot that requests users to enter a string, the bot searches for the string in the application, sets the criteria then saves. We have a simple bot that does that but there is the following:
a)The users must input the exact title that needs to be searched because a particular keyword may appear in different titles. Thus adding more work on the user.
b) A user may need to find various titles and set the criteria for the various titles, then save.

We are trying to figure out a way to seamlessly update the titles in the database. We would like something like this:

  1. User starts bot.
  2. User sees various fields, so they can enter exact titles into each field and the status of each title. In order to see the titles, the learners currently need to perform a search by title inside the web app.
  3. Bot batch update the titles in the web-based tool and saves. Finally, user sees updated fields in web-based tool.

One additional problem is that the title that users enter may be worded slightly different in the system. Thus the best would be to show all available titles and have them chose one. However, there are tons of titles. However, the particular titles that this specific audience need to search for, is grouped by categories. Perhaps the bot can show various categories (there are 4) then based on what they selected, display the titles associated with each category. Users can then pick the titles and the status. And the bot batch updates everything in the tool?

Just thinking out loud. Suggestions?