Idea for improving XML automation for large XML files

Good morning UIPath User Voice,

When working with XML file automation and debugging, the process writes the contents of the XML file to the Execution Log. For small files this is not an issue. When working with large XML files this causes the log file size to get so large that the message size error and failure occurs (see Uipath Failed to read large XML files. Any fixes? - #2 by loginerror). To try and address this, the recommendation in can be applied. However that means we are changing config just to be able to debug when production operations may not require that at all.

I recommend UiPath Studio not write the contents of the XML file to the output log during debug. It does not help to see it there and it clearly causes file and message size issues along the way.

Large XML files are a staple in so many processes and automating against large ones should be a core capability of UiPath Studio without needing settings changes, struggling with too much log file content, and having a debug approach that could differ from processing.

Please let me know what you think about not writing the full XML file content to the log. I welcome any other feedback surrounding the matter as well. Most appreciated.

Hi @jamiejam

Which version of Studio is it? The latest version has a switch on/off for logging activities into the logs, which should help here:

Thanks very much for the follow up @loginerror. We are using 2019.4.4

I believe the feature is there from 2020.4. Given the future is now implemented, I will close this as Completed.

Agreed @loginerror. Thanks very much.

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