File Path too Long Error

I’m encountering a Filepath Too Long error when debugging the file, I’ve read the post About Path Too long Error while using UI Path studio - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum] but I do not know how to keep it in the same folder as the current project or how to change the path of the project so that it doesn’t encounter an error when debugging.

Hi @Lance_Randall_Gamier, welcome to the Community.

Could you please let us know the action that you are trying to perform here? Like, are you trying to access a file resource or are you trying to perform the writing actions on any file?

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Try to reduce the depth of your folder structure. Shorter folder paths can help mitigate the “Filepath Too Long” issue.

Where can I edit this? I don’t know the file that UiPath Studio is trying to access that causes an error.

I am trying to run a file (by clicking debug) but it already encounters an error immediately as soon as I click the run file option