IBM ACS Client Compatibility

We currently use the IBM delivered emulator however we are still running v5 and v6 in most situations. Since this product is no longer supported and they have a new ACS client which works well in most situations, do we know if UI Path will be compatible with the ACS client? We have started in most cases to deploy this to our users.

Hi @stephen.robertson

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Could you clarify, whether the question is about the compatibility of the UiPath.Terminal.Activities?

Sure, the IBM Terminal Emulator is an integral component for our users that use the non web based version. We utilize kerberos authentication as the means for our users to authenticate. We have started building several pieces around automation. We also are upgrading our users to the new ACS Client. The original emulator utilizes the .ws file however the new ACS client has changed to a .hod extension. You are able to launch technically the tool however it won’t save changes, etc… So our question is have you had other clients report any issues with the ACS client? The only known issues I know of are separate from this thread but if users use macros developed with the erlier emulator, they will not work in the ACS client without a level of effort in re-developing them due to the pcom dll that is no longer part of the framework.