IBM 3270 Terminal Automation

I need to automate a process based in IBM 3270 terminal. However, since this is the first time I am doing it, I have a few questions:

  1. To establish a connection via IBM EHLLAPI I need to have the IBM software installed in my machine? This might be an issue since the users when they want to access 3270 Terminal they do it via Browser connection pre configured by the IT Department. Does this mean I wont find the required .dll in the machine?

  2. How to mask the password when the connection is established via UiPath Internal option?

  3. Why, when using UiPath Internal, I dont see the same messages (warnings) shown in the Production Environment (Browser Emulator)? Is this a common issue?


  1. UiPath could use either, but obviously you’re going to want to automate based on what the users are currently doing, so you could also use the web browser interface.
  2. You would use a credential asset and leave it as a secured string. There’s an activity for typing passwords that you can use.
  3. I would need more information to know exactly what you’re referring to. It could be that the environments are setup differently and that’s why.

Thank you for your answer.

  1. If I use the web browser Interface, I won’t be able to send the keys properly to the terminal. Like ‘Transmit’, right?

  2. I did and used the terminal activity Send Keys Secure, but in the emulator I can see the password after it has been typed.

  3. For instance, using the Browser emulator using the wrong password, it states a message like ‘Wrong password, try again’. Replicating the same steps in the UiPath terminal, that message isn´t shown.

  1. Depends what you mean by properly. You could use other activities to do the same thing, likely Set Text, Type Into, or Send Hotkey depending on what works better for the fields.
  2. That is on the GUI’s side, that isn’t a UiPath thing so unfortunately there isn’t much it’s going to be able to do. You would have to fix it in your terminal program.
  3. That may be due to the logging level set on the bot, please give changing that a try.