I want to take first row data column 3 to column 12 other all below data will be delete which has duplicate ID and Duplicate Address value

1.Take first row dat which has duplicate ID and State if ID is one but state is different then its different data
2. only update column 3 to 12 (Value 1 to value 10)

Hi @Garyy ,
Have same topic with you,
You can use activity, find first value, next row if similar → blank,
If differ → assign to new value

this topic is not working

Can you share your file?
I will test it

Output.xlsx (10.5 KB)

I need confirm, file have 2 sheets
sheet input is expect output and sheet output is input
that’s right?

Sorry i miss match the name above one is input and below one is output

I see, sheet input is expect output and sheet output is input
→ math with orginal QA

yes @Nguyen_Van_Luong1
Hi, You got solution?

Sr reply late, today is monday, I have meeting with customer
my code
Graay.zip (12.6 KB)
my in/out
Output.xlsx (11.8 KB)


my output

pls confirm it correct or not?

Hi Thanks for solution @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 Is there any solution to we pass only column index because i dont want to put hard code column name

Hi @Garyy ,
We can use index of columns
eg: row(0),…
But I think we can use LINQ, but now I have test with LINQ, you can use that way if it has correct result

We can use columns name or index

Yes we can @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

Yes, quick time, I used index to fast have output, you can edit it to name of columns

Hi @Garyy ,

Below LINQ will be useful for your query.

inputDt.AsEnumerable.GroupBy(Function(a) a(0).ToString).SelectMany(Function(b) b.Select(Function(c,i) inputDt.Clone.LoadDataRow(new object(){c(0),c(1),if(i=0, c(2).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(3).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(4).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(5).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(6).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(7).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(8).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(9).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(10).ToString,“”),if(i=0, c(11).ToString,“”),c(12),c(13)},false ))).CopyToDataTable

And you can modify the column indices accordingly.

Tried with the same input like as yours. Hope it solves. and mark solution.

Shaik Najeer.