I want to run uipath robot automatically. What ways can it?

I appreciate for your reply!
As far as I know, the unattended robot is able to run by orchestrator. But I don’t know what the robot I use is unattended type.
Please teach me how can I check.

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Thank you for your reply.
Umm, I already try the below way. But I could not start up robot processes.

  • Task scheduler
  • Task scheduler with bat
  • Task scheduler with powershell

But I didn’t try the way, will try it!

Thanks you!

C:\Users\PCName\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.10.0\UiRobot.exe -file C:\Users\PCName\Documents\UiPath\ProjectFolder\Main.xaml

You copy paste above line in a notepad and save as .bat file.
You call this batch file from windows task scheduler and it will run automatically as per given time in task scheduler. you can define different timings in the scheduler.
Hope my inputs are useful.


@rkelchuri, @Sat
I tried the way, but the uipath robot is not run automatically. It means a robot process(Uipath.Service.UseHost.exe) does not appear task manager.

When I w-clicked a bat file, a robot process started but the uipath xaml file was not run.
Do you know any reasones?

Kindly check once whether the file path of xaml and the uipath.exe file is correctly referred
That could be the reason
And one more thing windows task scheduler is not supported any more in uipath
So we got ORCHESTRATOR to handle this.
And while creating robot in ROBOT tab in orchestrator we can set the type of robot whether It has to be a unattended or attended robot

Hope this would help you
Cheers @tomo007

Please find entries as follows:

This will work 1000% as many ppl are using it. You just need to make sure correct path.

Please use only 1st line entries. 2nd line is only for format explanation.

This feature was obsoleted now.

@Palaniyappan @rkelchuri
Umm, The bat file I made is corectly, I think.
I write down the entries:
I shortened some sentances.

“C:\Users****\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.9.2\UiRobot.exe" -file "D:\Uipath*\Main.xaml”

It’s correctly, isn’t it?

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No need to use “” (quotes)


We can do alot of things with our robot using the orchestrator!

Please let me teach how to start up robot with using Orchestrator.

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I tried. but the bat does not run via task scheduler.
Do you have any reason why the bat does not run.

Since the last UiPath update task scheduler gives the error 0xFFFFFFFF when running .bat. Does anybody have a workaround?

i have same case, are have the solution? @raven

Only solution is to start using Orchestrator UiPath cloud

did u get a chance to try this entry.

use same entry and change UiPath agent version based on your local machine and save the notepad file as .bat file extension and call the same from Task Scheduler.
It will work.

Hi @rkelchuri
I hope you are going to help me on this as I am stuck with it for a week!
My process is to open excel and read a specific cell and return it’s value in a message box.

When I want to schedule it I have written the following:
C:\Users\Myaccount\AppData\Local\Programs\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe -f C:\Users\Myaccount\Desktop\Test700.1.0.24.nupkg

What is happing is that the executer opens excel and then ask me if I want to save or not and that’s it?? I couldn’t fix that and I don’t know what is the issue!
Can you help me??

You should call the xaml file , not nupkg. However, this feature was discarded by UiPath. It will not work by using batchfile.

Use Orchestrator to run automatically.

what do you mean, can you explain more?

You can still use to schedule a process via .nupkg via a batch file in the windows scheduler. Orchestrator should be used if possible to schedule your job.

Post part of your excel handling. If its reading a cell from Excel it should not be asking your to save the file.

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Hi @rvarga

Can I make a call with you?

I will try to assist via messages in the post. Feel free to post your questions here.