I want to print or save an email thread in gmail to pdf or image

As what the subject says. I want to print or save email threads in gmail, is there a way that UiPath can do this? Thank you.

I found this package which can help you:
And works fine on my project:


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Thank you very much for your reply. I tried it and works fine. However, the converted pdf file only has text in it and there are no images embedded on the file which is the most important thing. May I know if there’s a way to retain the images or convert the eml file to how the email message/thread exactly looks like?

I was thinking if I can just get the link of the mail message and open it then download it from the browser, not sure if this is possible though.

Hmmm :thinking:
If you have installed Outlook on PC you can open saved message and press ctrl + p and print to pdf using standard automation:
The second way if you need images is save attachments from the email. There should be all images attached to email.

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