I want to make a resume screening project

I want to make a resume screening project.

The resume will later be screened using document understanding and openAI, to retrieve data such as name, telephone number, work experience, organizational experience and skills. resume in PDF file form

From this data there are provisions, for example, work experience as an RPA developer, have organizational experience in at least 2 activities, expertise can use the UiPath application.

After that, the robot will ask OpenAI whether the data is suitable to be an RPA developer in this company. If it is suitable, I want the robot to write it to an Excel file containing the resume data with a status column. If it is suitable, write “suitable” if not “not suitable.” " in the excel file

is it possible to create a flow like that, using UiPath studio?

Please help with what activity flow I have to create, even though I don’t have the CHATGPT package in UiPath and I use the “Generate Chat Completion” activity and it keeps getting errors.


As per error your maximum quota is reached…try with other qccounts if you have


Hi @Kia1

Try with Anthropic Claude API. It is similar to Chatgpt.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’ve changed to another account, but the same error still appears

do you have an example?


If they are free accounts it might be an issue…as the api might not be open as well