Match skills using chatgpt

Hi Team,

I have integrated ChatGPT with UiPath.
My project is Resume screening. Here, I store Resume and Job description in separate Output variable. Using those I want chatgpt to scan the skills from job description with resume and provide the result in excel file.

I have tried this by integrating the chatgpt’s API key with UiPath. but the skills are not getting matched. Not sure where am missing. Am stuck here

Could anyone please guide me how to proceed with this? like. how to ask questions to chatgpt and how to pass the jD and resume to chatgpt?


Read both if them…and formulate the question saying this is the content of resume and this is the jd and pass both as one string with question

Another way is ,if using studio web…then we can send do ument understanding and in wuesyions send jd details or questions related to resume using jd


Hi @neha.upase

I saw your workflow, this askgpt activity is going to be deprecated from Sep 25th, 2023
which is why am using direct chatgpt integration using API.

Hi @Anil_G
I wanted to know how to pass questions to chatgpt(in HTTP Request activity)

I have tried the attached way, but skills not matching exactly.

Please anyone help me on this


Can you please show the api and where you passed the data…


Hi @ydhanabalan ,

As you are trying to utilise the ChatGPT or OpenAI Integration directly, you might consider checking the below video on the configuration :

yes I saw this video only and did the integration with UiPath.

Even after passing resume and JD in read format, the skills are not matching using both files

Please find the api key configuration

@ydhanabalan ,

Could you let us know what are the values that you have passed ?

Also, We would want to know how is the Question phrased or asked.

I have passed one resume in doc format and JD in text format and asked the question is assin activity as “Match the skills mentioned in JD(mentioned the output variable of this) with those in the WordResume((mentioned the output variable of this))”

@ydhanabalan ,

Have you passed the doc format file path or the Content of the word document ?

If passed the file path, it will not be able to read the file content, we would ask you to read the Word document content and get the text data as String and pass this value to the HTTP request.

I have passed the content of the file. Please see the attachment
image - For JD
image - For Resume

Hi @ydhanabalan

below workflow will work for you
And replace $OPENAI_API_KEY with your openai API key in it.

ResumeScreening_ChatGPT (2).zip (439.9 KB)

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Asking the question in assign would not work…you need to pass the question and related data to the end point that is whenypu would receive response


I have asked the question in Assign activity and assigned it to a variable and passed that variable in Body of HTTP Request.
Could you please let me know anywhere else we need to call the variable?



Can you please show how you framed the question


Please find the question framed


Looks a little big…

Try with match resume: + resumedata with job description+jddesc and give match percentage


Tried With 4 lines of resumes and 3 words of JD, and the Question which is pass is only to Extract name in Input Dialogue box. Even am getting the token error.

What may be the issue here? Please help


Token error is something else…looks like the authentication issue


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