I want to convert pdf file to excel

I Have 300 PDF file which need to convert into excel.
i am using an open platform to convert it into excel
i am unable to get how can i select 300 pdf to process one by one.
please help me with flow and activity.

Hi @office_work

You can use the for each file in folder activity to iterate the files in the folder. Inside for each file in folder activity insert the activities of conversion of pdf to excel activities.

By this it can process one by one pdf file.

Hope it helps!!

i have use this logic
|please let me is it correct or not


Yes it was correct one in the Assign give like this
Directory.GetFiles(“Folder Path”,“*pdf”)
which filters the pdf files and store in a file path.

Hope you understand!!

Will you please explain the logic

Sorry @office_work
which logic…

Hey @office_work ,
Try below method

Read the PDF text and format it.

Use Generate Data Table for converting the Table to DataTable.
and then write it to excel

Hope it helps you out!

i treid this one but it’s not working
i have only this last method where i can get file one by one and then it can get converted.

@office_work Oh okay then ,
To process 300 files

Use for each file in folder activity

Give the path of the folde and filter only “.pdf”

Inside for each give your ui automation logic like uploading pdf to website and then downloading it from website etc
and it will work

The filter will not work @Vikas_M
In the Filter by field give like this “*pdf”

hope you understand!!


It is no working.
any other way?


provide the folderpath in In folder option

Use this as @mkankatala mentioned in the filter property

not me @Vikas_M. This post is created by @office_work

everything is fine but i think i made one mistake
i want to know what should i do

here in click SCAN i am selecting one file what should i do beacuse if i select one file then only one file will process.


if you want to process only one specific file

use if acticity and pass condition

it condition is true
then make your steps else what you want you can place

or try below for all the files

use this click activity in for each

and make the selector of click dynamic so that it will click one after the other

After clicking on the Upload PDF or Image. One window popups in that window use type into activity and indicate the File name element, in the type into activity pass the Currentrow which types the path of the file and give click activity to the Open button in that window.

Hope you understand!!

i am not getting you
Please keep in more simple or show me the way