How to change the PDF files to excel automative

dear all,

i have some pdf files, and wanna to convert pdf files to excel files , how could I achieve this function ?
i know there is PDFTOExcel acitivity , but about the output, what’s string should i deal with it ?

or anybody give me more good guide ?

thanks a lot in advance !

please refer below links.

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about the pdf to excel activity , how could I fill the content of output ?

You have to give pdf file path and excel path.

Something like this : c:/users/example.Pdf
For excel mention the path : c:/users/example.xlsx


i know it ,but it generates the error
like this message": "PDFTO excel: Could not load file or assembly 'SautinSoft.PdfFocus, Version=, Culture=neutral,

Please find following online PDF to Excel converter tool link. Please use this web tool manually and capture each step and convert them into Automation.

  1. Open link.
  2. Click Upload button.
  3. Attach PDF.
  4. etc…
    This is the way you can achieve your conversion process.
    Please make sure your company will allow you to use this tool and make sure all licencing SLAs… accordingly.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Install SautinSoft.PdfFocus package