I want to convert my String input into Data table

I have extract the tesx using Get full text and the output stored into String , Now i want the same data in excel (with out the alignment change ). I tried but the text stored into only single ROW

@lok, You can use Generate Data table Activity.

Note: Attachment has failed, kindly share the screenshots/Xaml to see the string format.

Dominic :slight_smile:

Looks like Tabular data.
Use Data scraping.

I have used Data scraping also its not able to recognize the main page selector . Please fine my main page selector

Can we have url please?

Its Windows application (exe)

np. But error is something different .Do you mind attaching workflow for better look.

This my work flow

Hey @lok

Will you tell me you are facing error , which is mentioned in this pic first :slight_smile:

Well that window application runs in browser ? default browser or else?
and with your error you don’t have to indicate a whole browser window with attach browser just show the tab body part.


Its not a Browser ,

1.Login into the exe
2.Searching for member and select the member
3.The selected member will open in new window
4.In that new we want to select the particular details -->now i have selected the patient medical details
5.The selected Patient medical details will open in new window
6.Totally i have opened 3 windows - Main Window - Sub window - Another Sub window (here i will extract the details )

then why you are using Attach Browser Activity? instead of Attach window?


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Thanks ,Its working i have changed the window .

Now issue is i have unstructured data table
First table has 8 column and second data i have only one column ,So if i extract ,the output comes as unstructured way ,Please find the screen table and output screen and help me how to extract table as seen in window.