Trying to extract pivoted data (from desktop app) into table format

I am trying to extract data from a desktop app form which looks like this:

I need it to be done on the fly as part of my Sequence
Manually, when I use the screen scrapping tool, I am getting this:
(I am excluding this image as it is not allowing me to post more than one image in a post)
I need to convert this data into tabular format (similar to SQL tables)

how do I go about it?

btw I have tried using “Get Full Text” activity on the same region and outputting it into a string variable but it always outputs as blank

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@sharun_gft Have you tried Data Scraping ?

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there are actually three ways to handle this

    if you are able to select this table and its element individually, then try to use DATA SCRAPPING as it would eventually gives us the datatable as output which is way more easier.

    if you are not able to access the elements individually then use screen scrapping with OCR text as method and it would give us the output as string
    –then use GENERATE DATATABLE activity to convert that string as datatable

  3. CV Data scrapping
    we got a new feature to data scrape with CV activities…its with community edition
    pls try that

Hope this would help you

kindly let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @sharun_gft

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I tried using “generate data table” but its having inconsistent columns. for example,

when I try to scrape this grid:

and then use the generate data table activity, im getting this in the preview:

what am I missing here??