I want to add row in excel sheet in particular column in each transaction?

I have one excel Sheet which is having some data and I have added one column in that by Add data column Activity. Now i want to add data in for each loop into that column, in each interation the data shoulb added, How we can achieve that ?

I have to add row Data in column - “9SeriesNumber”

use write cell activity and give cell location
current location+1 in for each loop

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use for each row in datatable

inside use write cell activity or

use assign activity currentrow(“ColumnName”)=“Value”

another way using below

hai @Ajinya_jorwekar

In loop take an assign activity


above mentioned steps will give only one fixed value

If you Want to write different values to the each row in excel ,follow below steps

Create an Array and pass all the values or variables to it as mentioned below

Arr_str={var1,var2,var3,var4} or Arr_str={“value1”,“Value2”,“Value3”,“Value4”}

Create an output for for each row in datatable activity example= Index

Note: the values in the array should be same as the values in the rows of your excel(Excluding Headers)

like you have 4 rows with values so array also should contain 4 values

For Each Row in Datatable

  • Assign CurrentRow(“9SeriesNumber”) = “value”

Then you write range back to the Excel file.

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