How to add data in a particular Column in Excel

Here is the task flow

  1. Read data from multiple files of a particular extension (xlsx)
  2. Write data to another sheet

But, apart from both of them, I need to add data to last column of read data

Let say if we have column from A:G then I need to add data in the last + 1 column and loop until to the count of rows

The same happens for all of them

Can someone help me with this, as I am new to UIPath and I am not understanding how this can be done

Hello @Author_Community ,

After you read the excel, add the required column using Add Data Column activity. And then use a for each loop to loop through the datatable and add the value like this:
CurrentRow(“ColumnName”)=Required Value

Hope this helps!

The Add Data column activity is for the data table.

CurrentRow(“ColumnName”) = Required Value

Is the above in the form of VBA ? By Current Row you mean

For Item in the DataTable
Item(“ColName”) = Value

Is this what you meant? Please correct me if I am wrong

Yes, for datatable we can use for each row activity instead of for each. Like this:


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_Test.xaml (7.2 KB)


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