I Want Replace Word Text Using Faster Method


I am doing Letter word replacement from excel using below method but its is very slow i want more efficient and faster method any one know pls give me solution.
below attached my method screen shot

Screenshot 2024-05-16 094559

Thank You

Hi @MD_Farhan1

please refer the below thread.

hope it helps!!!

Where to Type this linq Query .i am fresher pls give me with screeshot.

Thank you

Hi @MD_Farhan1

You can do the Text Replacement in excel by using the Excel activities.
→ Drag and drop the Excel Process scope activity.
→ Use the Use excel file activity inside the Excel process scope activity and give the path of the file in the Use excel file activity.
→ Inside Use excel file activity insert the Find\Replace Value activity, Select the Replace all option from the Operation dropdown, In the Value to find field give the text which you want to replace it and Give the text which you want to replace it with.

This will work faster.

Hope it helps!!