Is there faster way to perform replace text in MS word?

Hi all,

I made a process that replaces 5~6 string in word document, and it saves the document every single time it replaces each word. causing lengthen the processing time. I was wondering if there’s any faster way to perform this, or avoid saving each time, and save it at the end?
attached is design panel of my process.


Thanks in Advance.

The method been used now is stable and faster as well
May be we can try with vb script to do it much faster
Cheers @billyjsnew

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Thanks Palaniyappan
is there anyway to avoid saving each time though?

Hmm I hope these two are the options that is stable and reliable
May be there could be but we need to experiment them as per the scenario and then get to a conclusion
Cheers @billyjsnew

I guess I will just have to invoke vb to replace

Thank you so much for your help!


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