I use IF condition as part of sequence and if condition return false i need come of the complete workflow

I have multiple sequence as part of workflow in the flowchart, where my first sequence has on if condition check and this if condition returns false then program must come out and other sequence should not run in the flowchart ( since it is a primary check). while coming out it just sends email to me and should not throw any error or BOT wait. Please advice if any solution around.

Refer this sample file for your scenario smapl.xaml (8.1 KB)


Hi Sreekanth,

Thanks for your support … appreciate …

I saw you Xaml, it is answers to my question partly. What i am looking for is, I have more sequence in the flowchart after this one, so when condition is false in this sequence , i want other sequence in the flowchart not to proceed. flow chart come to end.

Thanks … Venkat

Create a variable and assign a value in first sequence,Place an if condition and check if the variable is holding that value and thenproceed with executing your second sequence @venkat1

Hi Venkat,

Use flow decision in your flowchart after the sequence. if the condition is true continue to the other sequences and in else part just log the message/send email and come out.