The flowchart with the IF statement does not work

Good afternoon. Please help me. I need the program to check several conditions in the if statement. To do this, I created a flowchart. I apply the process. First, I decided to check whether the condition " Today is November?" - Yes- “Today Is 26/11/20?” - Yes. I perform the check on 26/11/20 and compare it with this date. But nothing works for me. Please see what I did wrong. I will be grateful for any help.
Flowchart1.xaml (22.5 KB)

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Hey @bolbat_evgenia,

If you don’t mind, Could you please what is exactly your scenario…

Will be helpful.

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Thank you!
I want to check if the script works: First, the program checks whether the current month is November or not. If it is November, the program checks whether today is 26/11/20 or not. If today is 26/11/20, then Sequence 1 is executed, if today is a different date, then Sequence5 is executed.

Hey @bolbat_evgenia
I have checked your workflow. The major mistake you are doing is in first if activity, you mentioned now.month.ToString=“November” which is not correct. Instead of November mention “11”. You will get the sequence1. Here is the screenshot.

Do this with rest instead of month name write number. It will help you.

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Nashrah Khan

Thank you very much!

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