I need to Print the Last Sentence as a Seperate Line but it is mergining with upper html table

Suggest a method to print last line with mingling with top table

Question is not clear can you explain more on what is needed

I Want to print the Last bottom Cell text as Seperate text I dont want it inside this table. like the top text it is seperate from the table likewise i Want

I am Printing One text Line+ One table+ Another table+ another Text line Output I am getting is One text line and two table are merged into one table and that last text line is also merged with that existing table…But I need that last text line out of that existing table.

Hello @Gopikrishna_S

It would be better if you share the screenshot of the input and the expected output.
Based on that we can design that.

where are you printing? is this excel?

“Dear Sir / Madam,”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“First Line.”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+HTMLBodyStr+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+HTMLBodyStr1+“

”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“Second Line”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“Second Line”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“Second Line”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“Second Line”

HTMLBOdyStr is first table and HTMLBodyStr1 is Second table which will print the tabular format but the last one “Second line” is Number lines of text which Contains number of text lines.

make sure all the table tags tr, td etc. in HTMLBodyStr1 is closed properly before typing the second line text

“”+String.Join(“”,(From x In {Row}.CopyToDatatable.AsEnumerable
Let cells=“”
Select cells).ToArray)+“”

”+String.Join(“ ”,{Row}.CopyToDatatable.Columns.Cast(Of DataColumn).Select(Function (x) x.ColumnName).ToArray)+“
”+String.Join(“ ”,x.ItemArray)+“

I need Like this First one line then two Sperate table the Four Line one after the other with proper I dont want it is merged.

is this for sending mail? are you using this for table creation?

Sending Mail

can you show how is the html table created?

Both Tabel have been created using this expression in assign activity.

Screenshot 2022-06-06 142213

After give as well this will close ur table and then print second line.It should work

“Dear Sir / Madam,”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“Please find below the workings For the File + GST(18%) debited To your account.”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+HTMLBodyStr+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+HTMLBodyStr1+“

”+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+vbNewLine+“Warm regards Company Securities Ltd Buy & Money Contact our customer care team For any clarifications & assistance”
I used this expression in the body of the mail to ptint String line with html table…HTMLBodyStr is table one and HTMLBodyStr1 is table two

After </tr’> give </table’> at end…

in which expression