Adding new column into existing excel file

Hi, I had created a data table and wish to add a new column. how should I do that?
Appreciate it a lot if anyone can help

Use Add data column activity…

Hi, I had use the Add data column activity.
I wish to pass the “percentage” value under the new column “Approval” upon creation. How am I able to do so? As I don really understand how this activity is works, please do help me with your best.

Add data column will create new column
If u want to add data then loop it with previous data by using For Each Row

ADD DATA COLUMN activity is like we are creating a fresh column adding atlast to the table and it won’t have any data
It will take input as new columnname we want and the datatable that we have where we want to add the column
—if we want to add that Percentage value to a particular row then we need to mention the row and column index
Like this in a assign activity
dt.Rows(rowindex)(“NewColumnname”) = “yourvalue”

Where rowindex starts from 0 for first row


If we want to mention that percentage value to all rows then use a FOR EACH ROW activity and pass the dt variable as input
Inside the loop use a ASSIGN activity like this
row(“yourcolumnname“) = “your new value”

Cheers @Lau_Wei_Ting


Thanks! I am able to solve my doubts !!!

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