I need to Find out a Logic to pick 1 choise from website search

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I’m looking for some help, please. I’m building a Robot in UiPath studio but I have a bug that I cannot resolve. I need to find out a way to select the correct option from a website when I make a search, for example

I search the company: Grand Torino but there are 2 results, Grand Torino (read only) and Real Torino

I need to find out the correct logic to select the correct answer and double click the correct account (which is Grand Torino)

any help will be much appreciate

Hi @Mora_Jose_Manuel_AMS_MPS ,

If it results 2 rows then you can do with get text and check with your input string if don’t match click next. If you check your selector in Ui Explorer you can find a way how to click next element or you can do get text again.

Hi @Mora_Jose_Manuel_AMS_MPS
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since u need to select the option which is clickable, so go to the ui explorer and indicate the element and see whether there is attribute with value readable only or not, if it is there it means it is readable and then u can go to the second option based on logic

Hope it helps

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Thank you!!

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