I need to extract the value from excel and put it in SAP


  1. Read range - Output - DtOut
  2. Use Open Application or start process to open the SAP Application
  3. Use SAP Activities to log in to the application
  4. For each row in data table and pass the DtOut
  5. Take one type into activity indicate it on the Sap Field where you wants to type Then pass the expression like this

This will fetch the data from Excel and write it into the SAP Field

That’s it


hello friend thanks for the help, I’m sharing my workflow, will you be able to give me some tips on how to solve it

testTest.xaml (13.1 KB)

Hi @pauloengenharia5,

Is there a way to log in in bulk when you try to log in manually?

1-Do not try to do all the operations in Excel. Read Excel and continue with output table.
2-Try logging in sequentially in the loop.
3-Here you are trying to read the same excel twice. So you do not need to read it again.