I need to created timeline in uipath using excel activities

Hi all,

I am trying to create a timeline format in excel using UiPath.

Let’s say I have 10 rows of items (names in A2:A12), each item is assigned a date (dates in B2:B12). For the next 36 columns, it is the next 36 months (3 years). For example, C1 says Jul-20, D1 says Aug-20, E1 says Sep-20, etc.

For example, if a date in B2 says 8/1/2020, I want it to highlight cell D2 (the Aug-20 column) in yellow. If the date in B3 says 9/1/2020, I want it to highlight E3 (the Sep-20 column) also in yellow.

The dates in the B column need to be in mm/dd/yyyy format, but the format for columns C onward do not need to be in Jul-20 format, it can be mm/yyyy, July 2020, etc.

The timeline is the next 36 months, so if we’re in July of 2020, the last column would say June 2023.

Thank you so much in advance!!! :smiley:


I didn’t quite understand your real need. I understood that you want to make a great Timeline in Excel through UiPath.

I suggest you take a look at this activity:

If you want to interact with an Excel, this activity will help you with that.

Sorry, should’ve been more clear. I have a pretty big automation already build pulling data from a bunch of other things, the last step is matching the date in B2 with the corresponding month and year in one of the other columns. The previous activities are in the Excel Application Scope.

Essentially trying to find a way to do if cell B2’s month and year matches let’s say cell F1’s listed month and year, then highlight cell F2 yellow, if it does not match, leave alone and check next column for matching month and year.

I think I need an if true do this, if false keep looking type of formula but I can’t figure it out

If you do not find an alternative to standard activities, I suggest going deeper into customized activities as well.

Sorry for the delay in the iteration. Maybe you are developing something in C# or Vb.Net using Office Interop or a DLL that does not need to install the Office Package on the Server, example EPplus. You can more easily interact with your Excel.

Some things in UiPath are a bit in a cast, but custom activities help to improve that.

This link can point you to some ways.

I believe that by customizing something, you can interact better with your spreadsheet. In addition to having better control of how the process is being done, it was you who developed it :grinning:. Sometimes getting out of the UiPath black box makes things easier. :laughing: