I have to extract data in a web page where the data is hidden hidden so in orders to extract the data i have to click on plus button to extract the hidden data can i automatically click on the plus option


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Can you able to capture the element + button?

And check the difference between the both + buttons also try UiExplorer to get more tags

Hope this may help you


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I tried both + and the tags are same for every each one and row numbers only changing in sequence.



That Row numbers will work, what you do is use click activity inside a While loop and use another variable which acts as a Counter and insert that counter into the selector

Now increment after that click activity, so this should work


How can we put counter in selector
Sorry about this iam new to this uipath

Thanks for the help though.

Hello @lokeshmello ,

Here with a combination of Element exists, click activity,dataextraction and while loop can meet your requirement. So you have dynamically click on the + button using dynamic slector by passing the rownumber

i is a counter variable and should be set the default value as 1. And just consider in your case maximum you will be getting 10 plus button.
1)While loop (i<=10)
inside while
2)Click on the First Element (inside the selector change rowNumber=i, to amke the selector dynamic)
3)Do the Data extraction using Get text or Table extraction
4)Use Element exists\ App state activity and check the next + button ( This time the rownumber will be i+1) and you will get a boolean output(consifer it as β€œflag”)
5)If flag=β€œTrue”, then add a delay activity, else use break activity.

Loop ends

So inside the loop it will always check for the existance of the next plus button and loop will continue until it click on the last button and exit.

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Hello sir
I have done the process step by step and when I pass the i variable to a selector it says β€˜i’ is not defined in the current scope but in workflow it is inside the scope what should i do?

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Did you declared the variable i ? also You need to go to variable tab and set the scope of the variable to sequence.

Yes I changed the scope to sequence and also declared the variable but it is not validating in ui explorer after i pass the variable in selector

can you share the screenshot here? Also did you provide the deafault value to 1 for that variable.

Hi @lokeshmello ,

Try using another variable of type String, say i_str. Use an Assign and Convert the Integer i to a String like below :

i_str = i.ToString

Now, Use the Variable i_str in the Selector and Check with a Default Value.

here is the snapshots

Hi @supermanPunch thanks for helping
variable i_str encounter an error i tried like u mention.

@lokeshmello , What is the Error ? Could you maybe show a Screenshot of it as well ?

Also, Try Checking the Validation from the Activity itself, Do not Check the Validation from UiExplorer when a variable is involved.

Hello @lokeshmello ,

Whats the error that you are getting?

Hello @lokeshmello ,

You have to put the variable as in the screenshot below. If you watched the video you will get the clarity. You have to validate the selector as well after adding the variable.

In the screenshot you can see how the variable β€œi” is added to the selector. Its not mantatory to convert to string also. You can right click and select the variable β€œi”

share file
this is where i pass the variable