How to upload multiple files to browser

This is literally my first encounter with UI Path.
I basically need to download outlook mails and corresponding attachments, rename them both and then upload them to a particular website (say )

i’ve successfully downloaded the outlook mail and attachments
I’ve also been able to rename them but i’m stuck at the last part of uploading them to a website.

Please help !!

Hi welcome to the party,

You should have all the attachments stored in some array or list variable. You can use this variable in a For each loop.
For each att In attachments
using string as typeargument of the For each activity.

Then, inside the For loop, use an Attach to connect to the website window and perform all the actions to upload “one file”. Also, create your steps in a way that it can continue to the next attachment, such as navigating back to the page where you start. Additionally, perform navigation steps prior to the For each loop so you can get to the first page of the website so it’s ready for the first attachment item.

Just a quick a reply to hopefully get you started.


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