I have an interview for an RPA development role. What sort of questions should I expect?

Hey there,

As the title describes, I’ll be interviewing for a developer role and have been told they will give me ‘a grilling’. I am very familiar with UiPath, but I am terrible at remembering the names of things.

I was wondering if anyone could please give me some insight into what I could expect as a range of questions so that I can brush up on them?

Thanks very much for your help!

Hi @dr1992

Questions on
1.Excel automation
2.RPA components
3.Web Automation

Hope it helps!!

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Hello @dr1992

The questions should be aligned to the Job Description and I’d prefer to go through that ig that has clear information about the requirements.

If there is no or less clarity after looking at the Job Description, be prepared with the generic information about the entire RPA Development life-cycle and expect questions on how to maintain the standard of your coding while development, how you go about solutioning the problem statement.

Know your strength and be comfortable to explain anything that you have written in your resume.

Awareness or practice about new and advanced product of UiPath would be a great asset to have.

Again, the level of experience and Job Description should be the first priority to get, if you have not got you can ask them to send the requirements so that you are aware what are you applying for and what can you expect.

All the best for your interview, do well! :slight_smile:

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Hi @dr1992

→ Be prepare about the UiPath components you are familiar with
→ Prepare about web, desktop, excel, pdf, mail and other automations.
→ Mostly they will ask about the Panels in the UiPath studio.
→ Debugging, Packages.
→ They will ask about any POC’s you have done earlier with UiPath.
→ what is the use of orchestrator.
→ If they will go deep they ask about object repository, publishing projects and GIT Integration.
→ What are the assets, queues, storage buckets in the UiPath Orchestrator.
→ If you are familiar with the robotic enterprise framework then prepare well of it.
→ Type of exceptions

I think its enough for the interview.
All the best for your interview…

Hope it helps!!

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Thank you for your answer, could you elaborate on the specifics?

Thank you for your reply! The interview spec didn’t specify the specifics, but in my experience they ask quite in depth UiPath questions.

Very helpful, thank you my friend.

Best tips in my job interview history:

  • just relax, be yourself and trust in your own abilities. The more relaxed you are, the more confident you present yourself.
  • don’t study on answers, it will make you look like an rookie if you continuously recite stuff. And trust me, an interviewer can see that.
  • don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know that, but I can look it up when needed’.
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All the best my Friend… @dr1992

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