I have 2 excel file, I need to get the total working hours and ot hours for an employee then write it to another excel file on the sheetname that depends on the employee name with a specific cell

EmployeeRecords.xlsx (8.3 KB) TotalRecords.xlsx (9.3 KB)

Hi sir. it is not a difficult task.

  1. read one excel file.
  2. write data from file to Array/Dictionary.
  3. write data to other excel file. maybe a good idea - use VBA macros for this task.

If this task is all that robot must doing, use VBA only, without RPA.

Please download following zip and extract it into your project after you have backuped your original files

Ogigi.zip (16.2 KB)

  • EmplyeRecords: I corrected one value and changed decimal seperator from dot to comma
  • TotalRecords: A Template Worksheet is added
  • the XAML
  • vba Macro file doing Worksheet Copy and Renaming

Rewire all paths accordingly to your environment
Ensure your excel allows Macro Execution e.g.

  • By trust the object modell tick to On
  • Open Excel file GoTo Option->Click Trust center->clickMarco Setting->Enable the marco , Save it

Give a try on which one will work

In case of an error regarding the Total Sum Computation

  • share screenshot with (Set Breakpoint before failing activity, Do debug, Locals Panel, Expand dtData Variable)

Due the local settings the Double Parsing needs some adjustments, but I already preimplemented this case and let you know the resolution steps for it.

Let us know your feedback

And also I’m having this error when running it :

you need to give some more details

  • what have you done so far
  • was the sample provided by me running at your end