Transferring of Hours Rendered from one sheet to another

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I have this datatable (Sheet2) where it consists a list of employees together with Employee ID, Employee Name, Position, Hours Rendered, and assigned Project Number. I want to put the “Hours Rendered” per employee from Sheet2 to column “Jun-22” in Sheet3. I also want to copy and put the employees together with other columns mentioned above from Sheet2 to Sheet3 that are not yet present in Sheet3. Can I use LINQ? Or are there any other activities that can be used?

Note: The highlighted rows are the employees from Sheet2 that are not yet added to Sheet3.

Kindly see attached picture below for the desired output and attached file for the excel file. Thank you.

SampleExcel.xlsx (9.5 KB)

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refer to this @Robert_Russell_Monsalud
TEST.xaml (27.7 KB)


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Thank you so much, Sir. This will be very helpful. I will ask something. If this solution of yours will process around 3000 employees, how much time will it take to finish the process?

Hello @Robert_Russell_Monsalud

You can use the Vlookup activity in UiPath to achieve this, same as how we are doing in excel manually.

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@Robert_Russell_Monsalud SORRY there was a bug with the old version use this which causes robot to take a long time to process

use this one instead
TEST.xaml (38.6 KB)

for 3000 employees it takes a few seconds

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I will ask if what is the purpose of the activities shown below? Thank you

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i add a temporary column “RowNumber”, so that when i filter the datatable, i know which row number in sheet3 to update

use this version, i will remove that column before updating the excel
TEST.xaml (38.9 KB)

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Thank you Sir. I will also ask what is the purpose of this line shown below particularly the “(cint(sheet3FilteredBlank.Rows(0)(“RowNumber”)))”? Thank you.

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Robert Monsalud

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