I have many IDs, I need to get the sum of "Total hours" column that has the same IDs then write it to another excel file with sheets that has the same IDs

Sample : INPUT



Thank you in advance.

@Ogigi Can you provide the Sample Input File? It will be easier to find a Solution if you provide it :sweat_smile:

sorry, Iā€™m just a new user, it says that I cannot upload attachments

@Ogigi Check this Workflow :
GroupByAndSum.zip (9.9 KB)

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find demo XAML that is merging the tasks from this post with your other post
Ogigi_2.xaml (15.9 KB)


@ppr it is creating new sheets, I already have sheet names named after their IDs, then I just need to get their total hours and paste it in their respective sheet name.

for example, the ID is 123, I need to get the total hours of ID-123, then paste in the sheet named ā€œ123ā€ then same with all the IDs. Thank you

Had you rewire the output Excel path to your Excel path? It is creating new scheets, if this sheet does not exists

Also take note on this setting:

For the dynamics I would suggest to let create the missing sheets by the bots

Can it create the sheet that is missing? because the sheets needs to be equivalent to the IDs

the sheetname will be the id and will be created if it does not exist. Just play a little bit with it and delete one sheet, change an ID ā€¦

mine just creates new sheets with the sheet name equivalent to the total hours

can you share a screenshot from your xaml on this part? Thanks

here it is, thanks

@supermanPunch what if I want only the total and write it in a specific cell, what will I remove from the code?

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