I did the merge of two excel files, could you help me to keep the original formatting of the excel file?

Hi everyone
can I ask you for more help?
doing the merge of two excel files I have lost the formatting of the fields and they have become text fields, can you help me get them back as they were originally?
I am attaching an image to make you understand and I am referring above all to columns G, H and I.
part 1 is the example of the original file and part two is the result of the merge

thank you so much

HI @vittoria,

It is very easy just run a vb script here and it would automatically do the needful.


I’m sorry but I don’t understand could you explain to me in another way?


just use invoke vba activity and invoke a vb script their , for getting the script just perform the formatting action manually on your excel record that macro and the script in it can be used in the activity to get desired results.

if you can share your file i can help you with a xaml by looking at the data.


I attach my flow, hope you can help me

VEmail.xaml (63.7 KB)


can you please provide an output snippet image as of how you want the output to look like

sure like the photo below