I checked the xlsx file it is there a column named "company Name" still m getting this


Hi @Swagasmini_Jena
In your excel is there any fcolumn name as company name

Ashwin S

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena
Try ‘company Name’ in studio as well instead of ‘Company Name’.

its written in the sheet


Have you checked Add Headers option or not ?

Else try like this: [Company Name]

add header i have ticked

[Company Name] but it is a string


It is two words na and enclose with Square brackets and check it.

“%[Company Name]” by default its getting. no the same error column not found


I see an extra space before ‘C’ in Company Name.


Please check for this extra space in the Excel Column.

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"Company Name " no the same error

Now I see a space after Name. Please use a Trim and try again.

yes there is a space after the name

Please can you share a screenshot of the datatable and the code.