I can't write data into excel when start process via orchestrator

Hi everyone, the process is write data in excel, it’s work vey well start to process debuging mode or run manually but whey i start proccess via orchestrator process does not work either throw exception as well


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Are you using any hardcoded path or any relative paths?

if relative path then the files might be saved else where as when run from orchestrator the relative path would be different than run from studio


What does “does not work” mean? You have to give details or nobody can help. “It doesn’t work” doesn’t tell us anything.

What is the error message? Please, provide more details

Hi @Burak_Yilmaz
Its not orchestrator fault because orchestrator is just scheduler tool which is managing a process trigger.

I am pretty sure you are using hard code path and you are running process in other machine which is saving your file in other user directry.

Hi @Burak_Yilmaz,

  1. Access/Permission issues: It’s possible that the user account running the process through Orchestrator doesn’t have the necessary permissions to access or modify the Excel file. Make sure that the user account has the correct access level to the folder where the Excel file is located, and that the file is not open in another application.
  2. File path issues: Check that the file path you are using in your process is correct and that it matches the path in the Orchestrator configuration. You might want to consider using a relative file path instead of an absolute path.