I can't retrieve "Sender" information


i use the GET OUTLOOK MAIL MESSAGES activity.
In the list created by this activity, i want to retrieve all the “Sender” informations.

But for certain emails, it is not possible… i get an error.

I have tried:

But it doesn’t work.

I am a uipath beginner but it seems that the “sender” value is “null” for certain emails.

Does anyone have an explanation and a solution?

No one to help me?

@david.wouters - can you try to disable the outlook cache in your machine and verify again?

how can i do that please ?

@david.wouters - pls search with “How to disable outlook cache mode”
or you can view below link


Ok, the process is more slow but it works fine. Thanks a lot GBK !!!
Do you know the origin of this problem ?

seems like am issue with the outlook cache mechanism to update the contact lists (From addresses). I tried reducing the cache period till the lowest… still sometimes i faced from address missing issue.

To eliminate this slow response - i did the everything on imap activity. it much better and faster. ( if you want to move it to imap → required to open a port imap port (25 / 143) for the mailbox)

Thanks for your responsiveness and this other solution GBK… it seems to be a little too complicated for me :wink:

there is a activity called “Get imap mail message” it’s similar to outlook mail activity…
for this require - imap port (25 or 143) and imap mail exchange address like ( imap.company.com)

you can refer below link for details of the activity


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i will try :wink:

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