How to use get outlook mail message filter (filter by sender, received time & subject)

Hey Programmer,
I have been struggling a bit with this very specific filter with ‘get outlook mail message’ where im trying to fetch an email using 2 conditions.

  1. Sender but with email ID instead of using the lastname, firstname value
  2. received time but without a timerange.
    for example. if the email is received at 30/05/2022 08:12:56, i would liike to use this value to fetch that 1 email as my assumption is there wont be 2 emails with same sender, same subject and same received time.

Could you please help me with you suggestions? ive search all available topics related to this and does not work

Hey @Govindan

Welcome back to the UiPath Community Forums :partying_face:

Can I suggest you take a look at the Filtering Examples in the Mail Documentation?

There are some great examples to filter your emails - hopefully something in there will help you.

You can always ask for help if you get stuck once you know what filter/s you need to use.

Hopefully this helps :blush: