I cannot print some data while printing data

I cannot print some data while printing data.

Log record on Get Text activity

When I print to my Excel file, I cannot print the number 0

Hey @tolgademir

While writing into the excel keep the Column “Posta Kodlan” as String type
If it is Int type then it removes the Beginning zeroes

Below is the example screenshot
The String type column works
But the INT32 type column i.e. Age… Removes the beginning zeroes as shown in the screenshot
Screenshot 2023-07-11 014408

My related column and variable in Excel are already in string data type.
I’m using a counter when printing the data, do you think this has any effect?


For that you can add a single quote in front of the number so that it is considered as string and 0 also would be shown


You are using which activity to write into Excel?

Also, can you show the screenshot of type of that column

And no the counter is not a problem

I’m using an excel file directly, I’m sure it’s a string


Hi @tolgademir

Try like this

I hope it helps!!


As @Anil_G answered, add a single quote like below screenshot

The Single apostrophe treats the data as a text format

Hope it helps


Try this method also as @Anil_G said


I hope it helps!!

I made sure that the type of my column is string.


Yes, if it doesnot work

try this method

This method worked, but I don’t understand why I should use single quotes, can you explain why we use it?


A single quote before a number or string…makes the excel read that value as string instead of number…when it reads as number it would remove leading zero…so to make exce read as text or string we add a single quote…



The number starting with 0 so it doesnot take it, if it is starts with ’ so it acts like a string

I want to make a correction. When I formatted the cells in my Excel table as strings, the problem was solved without the need for other methods. Previous data format was general format

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