Number with leading 0 is getting Truncated in Excel

I am reading and writing numbers from one excel to another using a Data Table. I found that the numbers starting with 0, the leading 0s are removed while writing.image
I am using string Data type in the data Table column. (The data table I am copying Excel data to). I am adding the data row in a for loop according to a specified condition:
What am in doing wrong?

Excel is recognizing the value as a Number and is removing the leading zeros.

Option 1:
Setting the cell format afterwards with following activity:

Option 2:
prepend a ’ on the value like '00002356
It is forcing excel to interpretate the values as text

I cannot use external package

then give a try on

  • the ’ prepend workaround
  • implement the cell format in change within excel e.g. by macro/vba Code / Click sequence / Shortcut series etc.

This is the Solution: using Write Range activity from System >> File >> Workbook . You should use the Read Range activity under the System too.


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