Excel Application Write Range removed 0 from starting of number or string

Hello Team,

I am reading the data from input excel sheet and write data in excel template but excel application write range activity not written actual data which is available in input excel sheet. It’s removing 0 from starting of digis or string.

Please find the workflow and help me to resolve that issue. Thanks in advance.

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you can reformat the cell after writing to Excel
Or as another option of many:
using the Apostroph trick like '000001234 and forcing excel to treat the value as text

I am not using loop to write the data in template. I am write the data as datatable with the help of application ascope.

this will not harm
for the apostrophe trick we do have several options ot update the datatable before writing to Excel

the formating we can do e.g.:

Hi ppr,

Please look my code and update the code as per your suggestion.


add the Balareva Package:

Use the Change Cell Type Activity:


test2.xaml (10.6 KB)