I can not activate after reinstalling UiPath Studio Trial


I can’t activate after reinstalling UiPath Studio Trial,I tried manual activation, but in STEP 2 “License is inactive” is displayed and I can not activate.
(The Trial Code used has a deadline until December 4.)

I tried to activate with Automatic activation but failed with the following error being displayed.

Could you tell me if there is any countermeasure?

@Takuto Did you tried deactivation?

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Dear @tango

Thank you for teaching me how to disable it.

I tried “How to Deactivate Online”. I did not get an error, but the problem was not solved.
After that,I also tried “How to deactivate offline”, but it failed with the error shown below.

“Error generating certificate: -1094,error description: NSL not licensed”

It seems to be similar to this question, but can not we solve the problem by operating on my side…?

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I solved this problem by contacting the support desk.

For better knowledge sharing, I would like to conclude that the “Device ID already activated, trial not allowed after code activation” message appears when one used “Start Free” after they have once activated this device with a license code in the past. In this case, one of the solutions is to click “Activate License” instead. Please refer to my article Device ID already activatedと表示され、アクティベーションに失敗する in the Japanese FAQ section for more information.


Thanks for the info guys. There is still a problem when you go from a Trial License and it expires to working with Community Edition and try to Start Free. You can’t use the existing license key because it has expired and you don’t have a new one because you shouldn’t need one for CE.

What I am not sure about is if this only applies if you go from an older version of Studio (e.g. installed using UiStudio.msi) to the newer CE (e.g. UiPathPlatform.msi)? I would have thought that CE can handle free license renewals as per other posts on this forum.

@product may be worth looking into this to save calls into the Support helpdesk.


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You have a valid point. We will look into this.
Many thanks

All the best,

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Hello Richard,

You are encountering this situation because, as Maki explained above, after you have once activated a device with a license code in the past you cannot use the free edition on the same device - it is not an error, is expected behavior. After code activation, the device ID remains registered in the system and it does not allow you to go back and activate CE.

In special situations where the above should be approved (going to Community after using a trial or license key) you will need to reach out to support and give details on your request and also provide the device ID of the machine.

If the request is approved, sales support will release the device ID from the system and it will be possible to activate CE.

Let me know if this answered your question.

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Sort of, however, I never activated a paid for license. This is to do with the old way of running the trial versions which used a license code. So I would say this is more of a bug than a “feature” - semantics.

I will contact the sales team thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Richard (@richarddenton),

Actually, even currently we use license codes to activate the software for trial purposes.
It is by design and by default we deliberately do not allow our users to use our software in “Free Trial” mode once any type of license code (whether trial or paid) was used to activate our software on a device any time in the past. I hope this clears your concern.

Thanks. I’ve worked out why you do this :slight_smile:

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コマンドラインから regutil get-deactivation-cert /out_file=C:\1\code.txt と実行する。
出力された code.txt を開き、中身の長い文字列をコピーする。
インターネットにアクセスできるPCから http://support.uipath.com/deactivation 1 を開き、テキストボックスにコピーした文字列を貼り付け、deactivate ボタンを押す。

英語のメッセージにあるように、「after code activation」は、二度とCommunity Edition (「Enterprise Trial」ではなく、いわゆる「Trial」)としてソフトウェアを使用することは許可していません。それは、Deactivationしても、Activation後なので、同じことです。つまり、現在Activation状態であるかどうかではなく、一度でも過去にActivationされたことがあったかどうかがポイントです。