I am not able to see Join data tables activity

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Hello and welcome to the community. Please can I know the version of Uipath you are using.
The Join Data Table activity was introduced in version 2018.3.1 and should be available for this version or higher.

Thank you for your replay. currently i am using 2016.2 version

Hi @Riya_Ch

Did you try to update or check your package.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


You are using older version of Uipath studio and could you please install latest version of Uipath studio 2019.4.4 and you will find join DataTable activity and many more new features.

Yeah sure,
Thank you Lakshman…

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Hi @pattyricarte

Just now i updated to new version 2019.10.0 ( completely old version to latest version :slight_smile: ) so, i have to see how its works…

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Did you able to se it?


Yes and i was practiced on it…

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