Output data table activity missing


Just started with UIPath and I’m following this tutorial: Automating Complex Excel Processes and Data Table through RPA #UiP - YouTube at 3min 29sec he adds a “output data table” activity but I can’t find that anywhere… I’ve added all the packages display in the Manage Package area but can’t find it…

My Activities toolbox screenshot:

Could anyone help me out here please???..

What version of UiPath are you using. I searched for Output Data Table in version 2016.2.6165 and found it no problem under Programming.

I don’t think you should need additional utilities for this but just in case these are the activities I have installed

Thanks… I have version 2016.2.6246…

I installed all of the packages available…

What package does the “DataTable” node under “Progamming” belong to?

hi @wanderingaround

I guess this belongs to Uipath.Core.Activities. do you have this package installed?

and for a safer side please install all packages available categeory->All.


Thanks guys…

I don’t have the Uipath.Core.Activities package available in the Manage Package console.

Should I import is externally somehow??

That is odd - I know there have been some changes made to UiPath.Core and UiPath.Famework Activities - do you have the option for the latter?

Failing that I have attached the UiPath.Core.Activities file from my install which you try adding to your C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\Packages or creating a custom import location by right-clicking on the left of the image you have sent and selecting Configure Sources.

UiPath.Core.Activities.2016.2.6165.19707.zip (520.0 KB)


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Amazing - thank you… I download, configured a new source, installed and it worked.

Is there a central repository to download packages?

The central repository is the Available section in that section - I believe there is a problem with the latest version or at least some misunderstanding about where Activities are - I’ve asked UiPath to comment as another user had similar issues.


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