I am not able to get new Line in Outlook email body using Environment.NewLine

I have to add excel data into outlook email without loosing table format. I am able to get this done but I want to add new line between the contents.

Below is the code I have written for that:
“Hi All”+Environment.NewLine+“Please find below content”+Environment.NewLine+strBodyContent

Using above code I am not getting new line in my email Body. Can anyone help me how to get new line between the contents in this case. I am uploading .xaml file for reference.Write excel data in outlook mail.xaml (21.2 KB)


In your Send Outlook Mail Message activity you have selected the IsBodyHtml in the property as True, so you can use"<br />" tag where you need NewLine.

This is a html tag for a new line.
If you need the same in string datatype then you can use environement.NewLine


Thanks Buddy. It worked

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